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It's Funny How Pot Plants Affect You... And The Aussie Fires Burning Everything I Remember. :(

So, yesterday morning I went shopping with my dad. he was looking for tomato setting spray and I was looking for a pot to repot my pepper. We didn't find either of them, but dad fell in love with a cactus and I found a new pepper. This one's edible. It's a seven on the international chilie scale. I'm not quite sure what that means. The lable said it was quite hot. I tried a bit and it wasn't that hot, but then, it was a very small piece. And it's pretty! The peppers can be cream, green, red, orange, yellow and purple. It has flowers, so it should have some more peppers soon. :) As you may have realised, I love my new pepper and i was feeling really good about myself. I think I'm starting to turn into one of those crazy chilie people who write into forums complaining that they spelled a scientific name wrong. Hopefully I don't get that bad, but it's definately a slippery slope.

Then I went shopping again, with my mum. I saw some amazing lillies before, and we went back to see them (mum loves lillies). And there they were. Bonsai trees. I'd never seen them before. I bought one, a kowhai tree. It was tiny - the pot was the length from the tip of my finger to the middle of my palm. The tree still had plenty of room to grow in the pot. Just after I paid for it, the cashier mentioned that they die if you keep them inside. I felt terrible. I can't keep it outside. i don't have an outside to keep it in. I just couldn't take care of it. I didn't want it to die. I just can't describe how terrible I felt. I returned it twenty minutes later. I didn't feel better until I got home and saw my new chilie. That helped. Today I've been eating the peppers, and watching my plants and glueing ribbons on the pots of the ones I'm going to sell, and I can just about write about the kowhai. I still feel bad about it, but it's getting better.

The ornamental pepper looked amazing today though. it was thirty degrees out so I put all my plants outside. The smoke from the aussie bush fires arrived about mid morning and the light was really yellow. The yellow peppers looked amazing. We'll be getting great sunsets for a while, I just wish it wasn't because of the fire. So far, there are 35 confirmed dead. We were looking on a map this afternoon, and all the places we went last year are gone. Bendigo, marysville, some places have disappeared entirely. Healesville is still safe, but it's only a matter of time. It's all national park and state forest, so it will spread quickly. It's sad, thinking of all these places that don't exist anymore. I just hope they got all the animals out of healsville sanctuary. I assume the humans had enough sence to get out, they've had a couple of days now. Most of the people who died were in cars, trying to get away, so I guess it's a matter of how much warning you have. It's a weird contrast. They're worrieing about lives/pets/houses that might not be there anymore. I'm online writing this, half watching some sci-fi series about dinosaus pretending to be people and being private detectives. Life is strange...

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