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Before I Begin

This feels weird.

I joined this forum because my ISP added a proxy server to their connection, now I am no longer able to access some of my usual forums. (Truth be told, I miss those interactions :sad: ) This, of course, means I have to start a blog from scratch again. I will probably re-post some of the things I had on other sites, though.

Here's my actual blog entry:

Classes started on Monday and so far, so good. Not that there's really anything that could've gone wrong yet; except for the no fewer than 4 time table changes that do not get along well with my control-freak side, but they were for the best. Something that I have noticed and that is bothering me, is the fact that since my "friends"(?) failed certain modules last semester, I am no longer in their inner-circle.

It is possible that I am going through a time where I just really want to get rid of them and as such am playing the antagonist and using their reactions as reason/justification for my own actions. This is (unfortunately?) not only possible, but probable since this is how I've alienated more than a couple of people. Not quite sure why I do it; is it some sort of deep emotional trauma that makes it impossible for me to maintain any inter-personal relationships or am I just bored?

I've always had a - somewhat - short attention span and people have never interested me, especially narrow-minded individuals who have always hoped to turn me into a carbon copy of themselves. Anyhow, that's my rant quota for the day. (not really the best start to a blog, now is it? oh well!)

(I just realised the entry date doesn't have an option for anything after 2008...wonderful! I am officially a time- traveller)

Farewell, my fellow time-travellers

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